The Student Presentation Prize

This prize is awarded annually for the best student presentation at this year's CSM Conference. Students must hand their papers to the President at the end of the conference.



2014- Anna Thirion, "De la numérisation à la  reconstitution 3D. L'ancienne tribune abbatiale de Cuxa (v. 1150, France Pyrénées-Orientales)"

2013 - Ronald Lvovski, York University:  "Early medieval Asturian Architecture as Visigothic revival?”

2012 - Jenny Weston, University of Leiden: "Books on the Move: the Exchange of Manuscripts between Monasteries in the Long Twelfth Century"

2011 - Peter Chiykowski, Dalhousie University: "'Who Will Help Me Hunt the Deer?' Robin Hood and the Labour Theory of Property in the Medieval English Forest"

2010 - Tristan Major, University of Toronto: "Wordplay and the Venerable Bede"

2009 - Adam Hutka, Dalhousie University: "Fleshly Fault and the Promise of Bodily Resurrection in Cleanness"

2008 - Michael Kightley, University of Western Ontario: "Socialism and the 'Folk' of William Morris’s Beowulf"

2007 - Corey Owen, Dalhousie University: "The Difficulty of Manifesting Enduring Fortitude in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

2006 - Reginald Webber, University of Ottawa: "Fifteenth Century Benedictine Politics and Lydgate's 'Cartae Versificatae'"

2005 - Marc Cels, University of Toronto: “Confessing Anger”

2004 - David Watt, St. Anne's College, University of Oxford: “‘Of France and Engeland’ in Thomas Hoccleve’s Work.”