Payment Plans

Additional Memberships and Subscriptions

Become a member of the AMA (Atlantic Mediaeval Association) or subscribe to Mediaeval Studies here.

Regular Membership

Regular Membership to the CSM is offered to Full or Part-time faculty.


--- $50.00 + $2.00 Administration fee ---



Unemployed/Retired/Other Membership is offered to anyone who is not a student or faculty.


--- $35.00 + $2.00 Administration fee ---



Student Membership is offered to undergraduate and graduate students.


--- $30.00 + $2.00 Administration fee ---

Sustaining Membership

This category is for members who can afford a larger payment to CSM (who perhaps still have Professional Expense reimbursements that cover professional memberships) and who wish to facilitate the activities of CSM. 

--- $125.00 ---